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A girl and her roommate try to make their first movie to win a contest and bail the girl’s brother out of jail.

Laura needs money fast, and the only way she can think of is to make a movie about her late mother – a famous horror novelist – and her mysterious death. Laura’s mother’s works have spawned dozens of franchises and cult horror movie classics.  A yearly film festival offers a large cash prize that would be enough to clear her brother’s name.  With the help of her roommate, Jenny, a college washout, and  Cam,  their underage boss from the Coffee Hut, these ordinary people set out on an extraordinary journey – a journey that will show them much more than the sinister truth of Laura’s mother’s last days.

Our Story

In the summer of 2010, I decided to turn a layoff and the economic recession into an opportunity to follow my dreams.  I brought together a group of volunteer crew, artists and actors to create my second interdependent no budget feature film.  Filmed with a DSLR camera only released in March of the same year we set of on a wild adventure to make a movie.  What little funds I had, I spent on food for the crew, costumes, props, and equipment.  I invite you to join us in premiering it to the world in February of 2011.

The Impact

The Directors Project was aimed at providing artists an environment in which they could try new things, learn through experience and work as a team to create something far better then any of us could create alone.


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