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WW Creating an OMF file in Adobe Premiere for Pro Tools


What are OMF Files?



I had some issues last year, when I was working on season three of Standard Action.I was creating OMF files from my Premiere timeline and the audio engineer Kersten couldn’t open them in Pro Tools. It took us a fair amount of tries but we managed to find some settings that work. An OMF files in 2 types. 1 is a simple XML file with a folder of audio clips. Unfortunately Adobe renames all these audio clips so that type of OMF won’t open in Pro tools. The 2nd type is a file that contains all the audio. If you set the handle frames too high or use entire audio clips this could overflow the maximum file size of the encapsulated OMF file.

Step 1

Remove any muted audio from the timeline and select everything. Also select the audio layers on the left.

Step 2
Ensure sample rate matches source audio and timeline.
Select embed Audio and Trim Audio files.
Step 3
Don’t forget to export a video of the timeline as reference!