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Psychopomp & Circumstance & Interview & Photos

I went to a networking event held by Raindance Vancouver.
Aptly titled Booze and Schmooze.
I was lucky enough to meet Ken Tynan and Annahis Basmadjian
They told me about a play that Annahis was directing and Ken was starring in.
The play is called Psychopomp & Circumstance and is a musical murder mystery about the Grim Reaper.
Check out episode 19 of Between 2 Pints!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the play and brought my zoom lens and took a few pictures.
You can check out the flickr album here!

GSAM Interview & Photos

I stopped by the set of Grocery Store Action Movie to shoot some stills and test out my new 50mm-200mm lens. I had a great time and stayed much later then I expected. This was the short film Grocery Store Action Movie for the Crazy8s contest.  I really enjoyed being able to get in close to the action without actually getting in the way.  I will definitely be bringing that zoom lens to more set photography gigs.

The next week Mat returned the favor by stopping by my show Between 2 Pints as a guest and we talked about his short film.

Check out the Flickr album here

Grocery Store Action Movie Crazy 8-1963.jpg


You can watch The episode here!