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About Me

A filmmaker first, I love telling fantastic stories.  Working from independent film-making, videography and then on to digital interactive experiences I am so excited by all the new technology and methods becoming available.
After shooting two no budget feature length films I moved on to creating web series. Best known for directing and co-creating Standard Action I have extensive experience working in pre-production right on to post.  My work with talented videographers such as Shawn Lam has helped teach me new skills and methodologies that have aided me as a filmmaker. I’ve enjoyed my time working on all three seasons of Standard Action.  I went from shooting by myself with 2 cameras in the pilot, to working with over 4 cameras and two other camera operators in third season.
Video projects I’ve done are 90 episodes of a board game review series for Starlit Citadel, a 25 episode talk show series called The Lonely Dragon,   I’ve created several Camtasi tutorials and I’ve also worked on many projects with Shawn Lam video including dance recitals, product reviews and tutorials.
I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last two years working on my photogaphy skills as I feel it relates very closly with camera work, lighting, and post production.  Check out some of my photo shoots on flickr.
With Unity3D and emerging VR technologies we have the opportunity to craft compelling content in new and exciting ways.
Feel free to contact me here if you are intersted in bringing me on board for a project of yours or you have any questions.
Rob Hunt

Indie Film at its best!